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Saree Cover with Separate Blouse Chamber

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Dimension: 17*17 Inches 

We understand how precious your sarees are to you. They have so much sentimental value; sweet memories weaved in over the years. Some might have been special gifts to you and some you may want to pass on to your next generation. These beautiful, priceless sarees must be handled with proper care to increase their lifetime.

Our saree covers are a great tool for precisely that. They help avoid sarees from getting dull overtime and help in maintaining the lustre and beauty of your sarees for decades to come.
To avoid accidental damages to your clothes caused due to zips, our team at Drape Divaa have created zip free pattern with button up design.
Our saree bags also feature a separate space for keeping the blouse so that the fabric of the blouse does not irritate the saree. Moreover, keeping your sarees in our muslin saree bags helps the wardrobe look super organised and neat. A portion of the saree storage bags have been kept see-through, making it convenient for you to see which saree is inside the saree organiser bag.

Bonus, the bags are completely eco-friendly! The buttons used are coconut-shell buttons.