Beautiful Sap Green Silk Saree with Red Zari


I’m sure you all agree that sarees are one of the most elegant outfits to wear. The grace and beauty they bring turn heads every time. And we may sometimes want to shake things up and drape our sarees in different styles, but nothing beats the scintillating and classic Nivi Style, commonly known as the Universal Style of Draping. The basic drape is also among the easiest drapes to do, so if you’re a first time saree-wearer, this is definitely the style to start with.

Watch as Dolly Jain (drape artist to icons like Deepika Padukone and Nita Ambani) shows you how to get the perfect nivi style drape. If you don’t get it right the first time, remember: practice makes perfect. Trust me , you’ll be a pro very soon. We would advice you to pick a silk saree which would help give your pleats much definition, making your drape your neat and well-done. In the video, Dolly Jain has used the Sap Green Silk Saree by Drape Divaa.

Complete the look with some stunning jewellery by Drape Divaa. You may even add a jewelled belt or a kamarband across your waist to make your saree attire more elaborate. Belts also help define the waist and thus, make you look more fit.

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